Harry Chirnside

The main objective of my role is to strengthen community ties between the students, the university and surrounding businesses and organisations. As well as this, it is my duty as the VP of Community & Events to ensure that I contribute towards student employability and create opportunities for students by engaging with students and letting them take control of their future with student-let events and other activities.

One of the main things I am hoping to achieve this year is to create student-let events that offer an opportunity of work experience to the students to enhance their CV’s for life post University. Employment can be difficult after University and I want to ensure I help students get as much as they can out of their tuition fees! 

Read my election manifesto to learn more about what I hope to achieve this year.

Harry Chirnside
Vice President: Community & Events

t: (0191) 515 2789
e: harry.chirnside@sunderland.ac.uk